by Rowena Godfrey author of Uncommon: Two Years in Northern Cameroon


Rowena Godfrey worked as a teacher in a small mission school in Mokolo in northern Cameroon in the 1970s.

The longer she stayed in Mokolo, the more interested she became in the area in which she was living. With her students, colleagues and friends she explored the Mandara Mountains and learnt about the Mafa people and their culture.

During the school holidays she travelled widely in Cameroon, visiting the rainforest in the south of the country, the volcanic area around Mount Cameroon and the grasslands of the northwest in the anglophone region. She also travelled to parts of Nigeria and Chad.

In this travel memoir she describes what she saw, experienced and learnt during her two-year stay and comments on the lasting effects of her time there.

Her account is a snapshot of a particular time in this part of West Africa. It is particularly poignant since a young person today would find it difficult to go to the same places and enjoy similar opportunities, as much has changed in the intervening years.

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